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Air purification filter systems
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TASGAR LTD provides diverse Equipment & Machinery for three main industry fields:
  • Machinery for food, chemical, cosmetics & Pharmaceutical industry
  • Packaging machinery and production lines
  • Air purification filter systems
TASGAR LTD is managed by the veteran mechanical engineer, Mr. Chanoch Berlin,  which holds more than 40 years of design & engineering experience. We, at TASGAR, take great pride of our vast international relationships, which rely on past successful projects.

Answering our clients, we apply what we refer to as "the missing link" approach. It means that we bridge over the gaps which (almost always) exists betweem the clients desires and the available solutions. Practically it means preparing a solid product requirements definition documentation. This initial phase sets us on solid grounds for finding the optimal solution, which is hidden among a vast industry spectrum.

When addressing a client's request, we first invest great efforts in understanding his (or hers) bussiness and technological needs also constrains. Next, we write down a product specifications requirements document, in order for us to suggest the most adequate solution, whether if it's an end to end solution (such as a complete packaging line), a stand alone machine, or a small simple product.

TASGAR LTD is a distributor of many qualitative & reliable manufacturers from all around the globe. We constantly strive to come up with innovative solutions in order to assure our clients the right reliable production means.

We are well familiar with the competative market conditions of our clients. Therefore, in addition, we offer solutions that are based on high quality refurbished machines for various industry fields.

Among our clients you can find Tnuva, Plastiv, Kodak Eastman, HP Invent, Tara, Anvey Zion and many more.

We firmly believe that our clients' success, is the key to our own.

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